Sunday, 12 June 2011

Vintage Wallpaper,Linen and Craquelure.

Vintage wallpaper. I have put a post about this on Burgundy Bygones

I am at the Brocante again. For all those budding artists's amongst us. He wanted E110 for the box.

I keep seeing the most amazing hand made wonky ceramics at the Brocantes. I was looking for a 'Vinaigre' today, where one throws the dregs of the wine bottle or glass to make vinegar. Traditionally the 'Mother' or 'culture' is passed on from generation to generation  with these rather spendid rustic pots. They have spouts and a wide neck. This pot on the right caught my eye. It had rather fine proportions and it was a bit squashed in. It  was not a 'vinaigre'. Spout was up near the top, the neck was narrow and the top was broken otherwise if I hadn't already bought 2 linen sheets and a pile of vintage wallpaper and a shelf it may be sat beside me now. I might be patting it.

I bought this sheet, - heavily patched very rustic and frayed, - because it  was  lovely . Ancient.

My sofa dressed in linen.

I have never really had my own garden before. I have worked in many . I think this is why I am so intent on taking so many images of flowers. This is a poppy from a seed from my sisters' garden (Malvern) that I  sowed in February. This one is about to pop. Tantalising.

A Mallow. I don't pull up the wild flowers.They all mingle with everything else.

I saw a Hen Harrier in this field, just outside the Brocante. Amazing bird.

We stopped in the village and I couldn't resist this paintwork on a door.

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