Saturday, 18 June 2011

I just love these village houses, the colour of the painted door and shutters, the stone work an the panes of glass above the door.

We had a little drive out to look for a white jacket and black bow tie for George's dinner at Oxford. It was a really successful  afternoon. George found a wonderful jacket, spotless and fitting.  He also found a tie. He bought a sun lounger too. All these things were bought at Emmaus which is run by ex addicts and was set up by an Abbaye. He was called Abbaye Pierre. a renowned French man of the cloth, who decided to house the homeless of France by setting-up warehouses to collect donated furniture, clothes and bric-a-brac for refurbishment, and sale to the public. The homeless, -mainly ex-alcoholics and ex-druggies,- build living quarters in a private part of each warehouse.  Abbaye Pierre, who died in 2009, was truly a great man.
This Emmaus is a huge big warehouse full of house clearance. I was bemused by all these trophies. Who would buy a second hand cup? I thought maybe the plinths could be used again. I bought a couple of Creusot dishes, some sewing things, a piece of hemp cloth and a stack of  fluted cake tins.

More traditional barns. I think this one is part of the big Chateau we passed earlier.

Just after this we saw a Hoopoe on the road. The first this year.

A Vendre.

A lovely spot to live in a village.

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