Monday, 29 December 2014

Our road out of the village, not too bad and we are a bit higher than everywhere else.  Once on the main road it's fine.

You can just see the High forest is frozen.

We had this stove last year too. George thinks Gerrard gave it him. We were surprised when we plumbed it in at how good it was. I occasionally see others the same. 

The small kitty loves chasing screwed up paper which she drops by my feet for me to keep playing.

I made a few cards this year, mostly hedgehogs but a few geese and I tried mice and Wild Boar too.

Sunday, 7 December 2014

 Ta Da.

Sewing a duvet cover from a vintage bolster and lovely cotton sheet. Probably a mix of linen and cotton.
Low cloud this afternoon, I had a walk round to see the recent demolition of the old tumbling down mill. It was a beautiful hidden stone semi ruin. I always thought it looked so romantic. Here. All that limestone I'd love some of the large blocks. The lower part of the village is named after the mill. On a lighter note there is a Kingfisher living along the shores of the lake.

There has been some wood stacking and sawing, I love the old tractors people use here.

 Animals chasing me everywhere. 

 I put up a shelf for plants in the studio.
Found a dress in the charity shop, rather polyester.

I found some old doors in the shed. I've been scraping off the flaky paint and generally scrubbing them a bit. Not sure what I shall do with them yet. I regret not asking my neighbour for all her old cupboard doors, like these. She had a new kitchen not as charming as the old handmade one but I daren't say.