Tuesday, 14 June 2011

Burgundy Painting

So this is where I'm at with this painting. It is over a metre wide. I work in thin layers gradually adding details. I work quite slowly, I think.
I am quite spontaneous at the beginning trying not to be too precious. While working quite slowly by building over time I  like to keep the paint fluid and expressive. I like to think I am  developing new techniques all the time.

The ducks are developing lovely plumage, these wings are the last to  arrive. Although they are at the pond all day they do get out now to sleep on the bank. When I went to visit them they stood and stretched before returning to sleep.

These  were the seeds I sowed back in February. A few are flowering. I collected a few seeds from my sisters' garden in Malvern. Now I come to think of it her poppies were flowering in September.


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  1. Wow your toms are very advanced... looking good...