Saturday, 4 June 2011


A rose at the garage while I waited for new tyres .

Blooming of the larkspur, lovely blues. My Delphinium I was carefully tending was munched by a goose when I wasn't looking. The poor thing was eaten just before the flowers came out. It was the only one I managed to get going from a packet of seeds and I was hoping it would provide me with more seeds. I moved the plant to a safer part of the garden and I only hope it will recover. Gardening can be quite disappointing.

I am experimenting with  a sort of cold frame I have made  where I can  help along  Aubergines, Tomatoes and squashes.  I really want a tunnel or a greenhouse but until I find one I am building strange things with found items from around the farm. One of my ideas is to move an old 2cv 
carcass into my garden. I think this will be fun.

A very shiny ladybird. I have a bit of black fly on my broad beans so I am  inviting these to eat as many as they  will. I am even finding them and putting them on the beans.

I'm not sure what these are. I will have to investigate. I do know they have these wonderful seed parachutes. 

Belle de Fontenay. These are one of my potatoes varieties. The other  sort I am growing is Charlotte.  I over did it a bit this year with the potatoes.I collected some of my Charlotte potatoes to use for seed then the last of my edible larger potatoes were so shooty that  I planted those. Then I wondered about other varieties so bought some Belle de Fontenay. I have a  load growing so what I shall find to do with them all will be interesting. Potato printing?????

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