Thursday, 10 September 2015

This is, I think, old loo that the lady used before George bought the house. I don't mind tin in fact I think it's quite charming. However while I sat having a coffee under the tree I saw bright rays of sunshine beaming through from the back through little holes. I realised that I was missing an opportunity to give me a view to the garden below and improve the little shed too. I have removed one of the back panels and looking at fitting an old window I found at the tip.

I have seven young ducks who are very funny. These are perched on the roof. They can only just get up here and flying down is easier.

I have begun a new painting and it's going quite well.

I finally found a sewing machine that works. I have lots of old ticking so I am slowly covering some of the many feather cushions I have also been buying. This type of ticking is 1930s and used for mattress covers normally stuffed with wool rather than feathers. The cat is just 1 year old and rarely sleeps in here during the day. She is very small and very busy. I found her in the wood pile. No other cats around and she was a tiny kitten.

 I have been to loads of Brocantes this year. This one was Celle de Morvan in an Rose garden. I bought a really good easel and the print below here. The print was just 1 euro. It has been bent in half but I thought the design good. It's by a French artist.