Friday, 17 June 2011

Eight White Curious Visitors.

A lovely cottage with views across the lake and the village. I am fascinated by this place. It's had a new roof after some severe hailstones peppered holes in the roofs around here in 2005. The house was lived in by Georges the 'Menteur' or Georges the 'Liar'. The man inherited his name from his father. I have never seen anyone here as it has been left to decay.
There are still a few folk here who were schooled here but they are slowly disappearing. Mine is a very small village of only 15 or so houses. Very quiet.
This photograph was taken while I was looking for the moon to watch the eclipse.I did eventually see it;  strangely red in colour as it rose.

Yesterday I painted  in my studio while, outside, it poured with rain.

My farm visited by 8 lost cows. Here they are, by the back-door.

After half an hour they decided to hit the road.

This is my place. When dry , I catch up on-line, and  drink coffee. 

Toms are ripening.

The geese have just got out of the pond. Behind them, the little ducks  are going  back in.

Here is my atelier from the back. I may try to cladding it with planks, or paint it. Behind me are our sheep fields, leading to a wilderness of forest.The building with the tin roof is the sheep cave where they sleep when it's hot. 

My painting today. I have changed the sky colour, and there are lots of other  smaller changes.


  1. Lovely to see your pallete, with all the mix of colours -and then the painting with all the colours, but in a landscape. Back of workshop glorious, tempting door ajar - I want to peek in and catch the making of paintings.

  2. George is always wanting to photograph me working. It would be interesting for me to see myself working too.(a short film maybe?) Sometimes it's difficult to be outside looking in.
    I rarely analyse what it is I'm doing. I think that is a skill I don't have. I don't know who would know that.
    But you're right glimpses of a palette or of brushes and the space someone works in are fascinating.