Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Another tip trip across country, really hot.

Village Brocante this weekend. Villagers clear out their unwanted things and put them out to sell
the the whole family get involved. The house frontage is piled high once a year. There are dealers arriving too who show up to all the brocantes. They tend to be expensive. We tend to prefer the very small brocantes.  I bought some nice clothes this week. A girl selling off things she no longer wanted for 20 cents. Normally I am quite selective and try to only buy things I really like.

This is my brocanting hat. I just had to fix it with some garden rafia to stop the hole getting bigger.

we collected more things so we could empty it at the tip. Our rubbish really is rubbish even the people at the tip are impressed by the rubbishness of it. We have old plastic roof splintered in the hail storms. Things that have worn out fantastically after being acquired by us second hand. George collects useful bits off things,like plugs. I try only to buy things second hand, I really like anything useable and old. Anyway it's wonderful to have clear space in the barns. I did come back with some more flowerpots from the van from the flower shop throwing a load away. There were some things I would've liked an old orange cast iron cooking pot and an old looking box with a lid.I couldn't reach them though. 

It really is a bit hot. Not the best day for lifting heavy objects.

All the animals along the way were under trees or by water and the grass has lost its green flush.

Empty roads

Preporche. It was the scene of a brocante last weekend. 
A sweet shed or house in the fields.

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