Wednesday, 16 July 2014

 One of my favourite things to do around here, apart from looking for interesting things at the sales is exploring the landscape and looking for old properties. It was a similar story when I lived in Herefordshire or Wales. There are still many empty properties around here. It has one of the lowest populations of Europe. One day it will be, I'm sure like the Cotswold's with all the honey Coloured Limestone full of people and probably a bit expensive to artists and people like me!
We have had a lot of rain so the moment the sun came out I went to a small brocante and then the same day I went to a small village nearby and took these pictures to inspire more painting. I sometimes fancy living in a slightly larger village with a café. The Café in these images in owned by a Dutch couple. They open from 5pm and are also artists, Wim paints and Angelique makes ceramics. They also have cats and donkeys and I believe they have a gite. The café is rather beautiful with very old crumbled paving slabs on the floor and a big stone space with old french furniture inside. It's the old Boulangerie. I like the old Epicerie.
It was July 14th Bastille day, I saw a German man sat in the churchyard and that was it, very quiet.


  1. This looks like a lovely village, just the kind I like. It seems you & I have quite similar tastes in things. Bastille Day was quiet here as well. I did go to a rainy day parade in a near by village. Quite sweet how the whole village came out in the rain for the event. They were in fact part of the parade. :)

  2. Thanks there are many small villages like these in this area. They are all so charming. The nearby town has a Comice this year. Some sort of agricultural fair. It only happens every few years so I think we shall save ourselves for that. The French manage to create such lovely atmosphere in their fetes.

  3. Looking at those buildings made my heart beat so fast, just thinking about the ancient energy, residual, floating around. Just stunning.

  4. I feel lucky to vicariously share what you see and do… thank you

    1. I'm glad there is a way to share.

  5. Me too I find these places quite exciting, like I am privileged to be here. Strange isn't it. I went to the post office in Autun and it was everything I hate modern, clean flat surfaces the works very nice helpful lady which made me happy. Parcels from the post office though to send to anywhere is very expensive so I need to find a way through UPS, Fedex or somebody. Do share if you know the secret...