Wednesday, 29 June 2011

Let Sleeping Bees

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There seems to be bees sleeping in my flowers.I  worried  that they might be dead. I
wondered if they were exhausted. I tried to find out more and I read that male bumblebees sometimes stay out all night  and  sometimes sleep in flowers . 

The temperature has dropped a bit, otherwise  I'm not sure
why these bees should appear so comatosed

Lettuce flowers.

'Here he is' 


  1. I remeber Gretel of Middle of Nowhere doing a post about saving bees with sugar water. Sometimes they become so exhausted from collecting pollen that they just don't have enough energy to fly and will die unless fed. she fed her dying bee with the sweet water and watched it gradually some back to life and eventually fly off. I seem to remeber she even posted a video to go with it. M x

  2. Thanks for this.I have read a lot about bees in the past 2 days. I did try sugar dishes, shallow lids with sugar water. I'm not sure how the bees did as by morning I couldn't find any trace of them. I' m not sure bees sleep. I have tried to provide a succession of flowers to attract them. I need to check allaroundus.blogspot

  3. I just saw in a film by Brigdet Strawbridge that male bees sleep in flowers. After leaving the nest in the morning they are not allowed back in.