Saturday, 27 October 2012


I've been really worried about this female sheep for a couple of weeks now. She was attacked by hunting dogs. 2 small Teckel or wire haired Dachunds. They are used around here to hunt Wild Boar. Despite their diminutive size they rounded on this sheep and gave her some serious bites to the leg. I have been since bathing her wounds and applying with Betadine. It's a solution containing Iodine. After 2 weeks I have had to learn to gain her trust, by apples or lettuce. I am now able to walk right up to her bath her leg and sprinkle over the Betadine and unbelievably roll her over to do the other side of her leg. I can't really do it any other way. She can stand up alone now and walk away on 3 legs. She was staying in the shed alone all day and I was having to check her a lot to see if she hadn't fallen and check she had water or sheep food. We only have 5 sheep and only 3 females. I hope she will be okay. They are allowed to live and chomp their way through the grass in the fields. The white one is quite old.

 This is our eldest female. She's very sweet and is quick to be an auntie to lambs. She is a bit concerned about the attacked female and stays close to her almost as if she is there to protect or keep her company. She is concerned when I arrive to look at the wounds or give away a wind fall apple.

Garden is having a second wind after unseasonably good mild weather. It's been  high 20°C. There has been a flurry of flowering Marigolds and the Cosmos are doing well. Wind is strong.

This is a little Atelier in town, don't know who lives here. It would be nice to know.
We didn't go away this year because our V.W. van has been at the Garage. David is struggling to cope with his workload . The  parts are difficult to find here, not a French car. Hopefully we shall go away next year somewhere exciting. I have actually enjoyed being here, pottering and doing the Brocantes. George wasn't too well so it probably allowed him more time to recover too.


This is a handsome building in the middle of Moulin Engilbert. It was talked about to become an Arts Centre.Behind this facade there is a lot going on.
We went to take the van to the big VW dealers in Nevers and David said she's going on the truck. We thought we were going to have to coax her along. Being all psyched up for busy day this was a huge relief we went and sat and had a coffee and a cake in the square for a little treat.

Friday, 12 October 2012

This is our second visit to the woods. Last week there was nothing. Today we found 2  kilos of Ceps in a few minutes.

Flyagaric non edible kind

This is a huge barn and cottage near where we mushroom. It is in the sun  this  afternoon.  Mornings it's pretty dark and it's in a cold spot. I'm sure it was bought very cheap.

Salamander baby. I have never seen one like this here before.

Thursday, 4 October 2012

St Honoré Les Bains

The entrance to the baths at St HonorĂ© les Bains. Although I believe the baths are still  open there  is little activity today. The trend for the 'curative' effects of bathing in the natural waters has faded.

Beyond the baths is 'Le Bristol' a hotel with very few bookings.

An empty restaurant no longer open, rather belle with this Russian Vine  having free  rein to wander at will.

Grand houses with views of the park they sell for  relatively small sums, this one sold for  around 130,000 Euros. It has a separate building beside  for horses.