Sunday, 2 December 2012

Paper Cut outs

I am trying to design some cards to send out for the hols. These cut outs are magazine paper with printing ink in silver and crimson rolled over. I studied printmaking would love a print press, making do. I like to get a bit festive at Christmas. It's an excuse to be a little indulgent, change things around a bit. It has taken me a while, nearly 48 years, to realise a really serious Christmas creature begins to sort things out early. The sales are a good time to start. I bought some great candles last year for 25 cents each. Metallic balls, in silver, green and gold. George wondered why I was buying baubles, I have a collection of old ones I have had for years. I am now beginning to regret not buying strings of lights I saw in the charity shop. I am already realising I am not that serious about it.
 I have been unable to blog lately as my screen has stopped working. I was hoping it was more serious and I would need a new tower with a bit more power and perhaps an English key board. French key boards are a bit strange and then all the instructions which flick up are in French so it can be frustrating. Although a change back could also be a bit confusing.

 I am going through a strange shift at the moment with French speaking and understanding too. I don't profess to speak French but I do now visit French people, know what they are saying and I am replying back in French. Something has clicked.

My charity shop/ warehouse is shutting today until April! I have been 3 times in the passed 9 days. Still I regret not buying a carpet, a copper mould that really was splendid. I think the carpet was in the way of my buying the copper mould. I did buy some strange things like a small crocheted cushion very sweet but more like the size of a large cake. I bought these Camper boots. (I have never found anything so good before I think.) Otherwise balls of wool, reels of cotton on wooden bobbins; bamboo style framed mirror. I must take pictures.

I was trying to upload images earlier onto blogger and I was told I needed to upgrade as I had reached 100GB of memory. I am not sure how I reduce my storage yet, perhaps delete some old posts. Put the images in Picassa? Not sure.

The 2 images below are from a book on my friends table. 


  1. Love the cutouts Jane... sweet boots and book... yep I have the same same problem with Blogger too. there is a way so other bloggers say but it is beyond me... have new computer! am away now for a week so chat when I get back... Dollyx

    1. I hope the computer symbolises a new epoch there. Have a great week and I look forwards to speaking xx

  2. Lovely cutouts. They're going to make fabulous cards.
    I'm always horrendously far behind on my Christmas planning in spite of each year promising myself to get an early start. One year perhaps...

    1. Hi Lynn, are you managing to get to the studio regularly. It looks like a lovely building. I realise I like to be somewhere with a bit of history to work, not my own someone else's!
      Good luck with the festivities. We have just had a visit from the snow plough.

    2. I'm afraid I've not been getting there as much as I'd like. Been having a bit of a dispute with the landlord over heating. He's decided not to install the central gas heating he'd promised. Instead, I must use an electric heater to heat my room - which I can't afford. Letters back and forth...grrr!! And I just want to paint!

      Sorry, didn't mean to vent!

      I love your winter photos! They are gorgeous. Winter gives such a wonderful calm to everything.

    3. Yes, you need heating. An electric fire is a bit costly, not sure about the price of gas there. It's a real issue having somewhere comfortable to work. I always feel a bit compromised, not sure what the answer is. I just found a beautiful 1930's showman's caravan on Le Bon Coins here to restore, I wish I hadn't, as I think now it would be a perfect space.
      I'm glad you are enjoying the photographs, I love my walks around taking photos.

    4. A caravan! That sounds wonderful. It sounds as though you haven't purchased it though...?
      It really is difficult finding just the right space. I thought I had - and I do love the space -it's just not the right landlord. I've decided to leave it and paint at home for the time being. Electric heating is about three times the cost of gas, and in an old building with lots of windows, it would be too much for me through the winter. Must focus on the painting and not the ancillary annoyances.