Monday, 30 September 2013

Bartholomew Beal Here

I visited Derby Museum this month after reading of this exhibition. Very pleased to meet Bartholomew Beal who has just completed a residency at the museum. He comes from a family who have a long tradition in literature and teaching. He told me his family are a great source of inspiration for stories. His work at the museum focuses on a tradition of weaving narratives collected at the museum that he has used in his art. Sometimes the interpretation can be quite loose. In Derby, he told me he encountered a deep pride within its folks whose ancestors were at the centre of the Industrial Revolution.
I was very happy to see figurative painting and drawing and at a level of skill and creativity that seems to  have been a bit out of fashion. I think we are moving into new areas of art works that reflect something a bit more sustaining, hopefully. Bartholomew went to study for his degree at Wimbledon, London. Do look for his paintings on-line, the gallery was not easy to take photos in.

I was really inspired by these works, might even try a bit more figurative work too. 
Thanks Bartholomew, if you don't like the photos I can lose them or if anything I have written seems a bit wrong. I am not a great writer at all

Sunday, 29 September 2013

Famiiar Haunts

Malvern Hills from Castlemorton Common.

Whiteleaved Oak, Malvern

From the Malvern Hills

Near Sabrina Bridge, Worcester

Church Street Ledbury

Diglis Worcester

Glover's Needle, Worcester

Near Malvern Hills

Worcester Cathedral

Another sweet cottage near Malvern

View towards Chase End, near Bromsberrow

Pub in Frampton near Slimbridge

I only spotted one Traveller this time


Friday, 27 September 2013

Wednesday, 25 September 2013

My neighbour at Worcester Flea. An exceptionally lovely lady selling wonderful things. You can find her on Facebook here

White Elephant modelling one of my French finds. How well does he look.

Pyrex, who knew they did yellow and turquoize.

I met these 2 lovelies at Tewkesbury Vintage of Daisy Belles.

I met this rather interesting gentleman at Tewkesbury. 


Tuesday, 10 September 2013

I am having a go on Ebay Here

I love this leather jacket but unfortunately it's just not a flattering fit for me. The shoulders are a bit wide. I have a bit of interest in it and at the moment someone is bidding on it.

I'm off to Frampton today so I shall miss any activity before the closing bid.

I am visiting my family in the UK. My step son has come with me and as he wants to be a racing driver we have been on a mission. He is, as I type this preparing to spend the day at a racing car workshop where they race Aston Martin's amongst other things. At just 18 I know it will be a memorable day.

I shall be returning to France shortly maybe after the weekend. I might go to Tewkesbury Vintage fair on Saturday with a small stall.