Wednesday, 22 June 2011

Solstice Flowers

I have managed to create these areas of flowers with  found seed. The Evening Primrose was growing  in former  building ground. Those wild flowers are now covered by a big gravelled drive. I am doing guerilla gardening by scattering seeds by the village bins. I saved these seeds over 2 years ago. 


I have made a small place to put some of my plants to keep them warm. It's not pretty but  I have few found materials  to work with. As the plants grow I will add more blocks. There are chillies, peppers, basil,and aubergines. The plants are already growing really well in here. I am looking out for old windows now to create a greenhouse.

At last they are flowering. 

My vegetable garden is even by my standards becoming  very  busy. There is something in every available space. 
It's a bit of a squash. As things spread out I find myself having to create more space by digging things up and moving them. I am creating a spillover garden now. Fortunately I have a big compost heap to put back some nutrients into the ground in Autumn. The French describe my garden as an English garden, they talk about how they are tied to their tradition of straight lines and even the small selection of things they plant is quite confined. I have flower patches and things popping up having self seeded, potatoes for instance and this year poppies. This week I have been tying everything to sticks. I have been really enjoying using sticks to add a bit more quirkiness and support. I would be using driftwood, found objects and stones like Derek Jarman if I lived by the sea.

Larkspur. A lovely blue.

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