Friday, 15 July 2011

Painting series

                               Burgundy; Summer 100 cms x 73 cms
                               Burgundy: Winter.100cms x 73 cms
                               Burgundy: Spring 55 cms x 46 cms

                                 Burgundy: Autumn.100 cms x 73 cms                        

Monday, 4 July 2011

Outdoor painting

My palette looks really sharp in the strong sunlight.

I am painting outside as I have a black redstart feeding her young in my Atelier.They are quite sensitive birds; easily disturbed while nesting and feeding. They are tame but, while rearing their young, they are easily spooked, and sometimes abandon their nest. I wasn't familiar with the bird in the UK. They are nicknamed the 'Builder Bird' as they love disturbed soil, and activity typically found in building sites. They are one of the first birds to arrive in spring. After the harsh winters here they are a great lifter of the spirits,with their uplifting whistle and shuffle. So it's good to care about their fledgelings, right?
The light is wonderful outside.I love the clarity of the light in the mountains, can be a harsh critic though. . After painting indoors I have to rethink my palette. It all looks a bit strong here too green maybe. I like the sky colour in my painting it seems to be good comparison. 

Later in the afternoon I needed a parasol.

Sunday, 3 July 2011

Sunday to Semelay and Swallowtail

More uses for  Cosmos. Here grown in gravel along the front of the house,
like a soft fence.
I liked the way the ladders had been painted pink and blue. This village is only a few miles away less than 10 but a lot lower down. There were banana plants growing.

A lady stallholder with a very fine Moroccan hat
and dungarees.She brought along her knitting. The stall was for Resto Au Coeur. A charity that helps people on a low income with food parcels. We bought a small mister for plants, to support them. It was from Ikea!

I bought a little bag. 

Guano 'pooh' Phos. The french gentlemen I bought this little bag from said it was something you put on sausage!

A small bucket

A pot with a coppery patina.

In the garden I found this exotic butterfly. I have been  hoping to see one .I have been  planting lots of flowers to increase    the variety of insects and bees. Cosmos are long lasting here and produce lots of flowers. They are also very easy to grow from seeds. 

Saturday, 2 July 2011


Evening Primrose


Flying bee

My shoes with elastic tops, candy stripe top bought at a Brocante.
Honestly nobody takes good picture of me.