Monday, 25 November 2013

Looking a bit messy. It's strangely addictive
 scraping off the layers. I'm hoping it'll be worth the effort but I'm not sure at this stage. It feels a bit like I'm de-constructing a house. But for me I love to see what's underneath and to reveal the parts of the buildings that seem to me to be the most precious. It still feels that I'm treading a fine line between mess and beauty.


The original sink in the background was at some point painted in red gloss paint.I have been trying to remove the paint but it's strangely pretty.   Under low light it's more attractive almost churchy 
Imagine doing all your washing up here.

Sunday, 24 November 2013

The sun came out today so I did a bit more scraping. The windows of my cottage are built of thick stone beautifully chiselled
The paint on the stone has begun to degrade, it's started to flake off so scraping is quite simple with a palette knife then a wire brush. It's just knowing where to stop. I just went back and wire brushed off the tile sides along the window sills. I love the way it's coming along. Sore shoulders now.
I am looking for cuisinieres now. There are some beauties for sale. It's the French equivalent of an Aga, Rayburn or a range. They burn wood or coal and they also can be used to cook on and heat water. There advertised as heating the whole house. There are still a lot of old ones for sale here. They can be rather expensive new or there are second hand ones especially 60's plain white enamel ones or 1930's type enamel ones all sorts of colours and can be highly decorated. Here

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

We have had our first proper snow. The trees haven't yet shed their leaves or apples. So some trees are quite heavily weighed down. It's not cold and as we had a little sun I was delighted to take a few images and dodge the snow falling from the trees.

Saturday, 16 November 2013

 I have had a bit of a break from painting. I am not great at sitting when the weather is good and having space to garden means the chances of me sitting down is even less likely. I do get quite intensely into painting once I go through a phase and there are no shopping malls to distract me here. I do have to walk a bit and today I did a circle. It is a little cold needed gloves and a coat would've been sensible. I also managed a trip to the second hand store. We needed expanding foam for the gaps in the roof.

Thursday, 7 November 2013

 After a bit of scraping last night I spent today scraping even more. I was a bit worried how George might react but thankfully he was quite impressed. The stone corbels have a beam of wood across the top. These fireplaces are typical of humble cottages in The Morvan.

Monday, 4 November 2013

When it's bright like this I do to work in this cottage we are hoping to move to. It's nextdoor to the current house we live in. George bought one and was offered the other a few years later. It was when they were very cheap and everyone was moving to the towns. Now of course there is a bit of a reversal going on. Slowly still. I have my Welsh Gaudy jug that reminds me of Aberystwyth Wales. In fact this cottage is very Welsh looking too.

There was a leaky pipe that one day needs to go along the floor maybe pull up a few tiles. I know the old tiles are beneath these. I am restraining myself not to start trying to remove these hexagonal ones. There is probably a layer of cement between the 2 layers. I painted the cupboard door light blue. I did try removing the paint but the paint remover I bought was really weak and I realised the wood was not that attractive underneath anyway. Just thin pine.

Cats are curious to be in this new place.

I am playing with making a new chandelier. 

I also painted the cupboard doors on the sink. This is the kitchen.The green splash back is painted to look like tiles I want to find some painted ceramic tiles if I can.

This was taken a couple of weeks ago now. It was taken on my way to the shops. I have been visiting my junk shop every week before it shuts for winter. I have a new one to visit that opens Wednesdays and Sundays, Emaus. 

I had to clear out this shed to put my Morris Traveller away for the winter
it was full of hay. I found a family of hedgehogs sprawled around the floor. So I put them in a box and they carried on sleeping until the evening when they became very active and squeeky. They have moved into another shed now.

I collected some brake parts for my car. The brakes are always a bit weak on these cars. I had to buy a Servo kit for mine after one to many brake fails.

I am working on my studio too. It"s becoming a bit full.

Hans and Dedé who are my neighbours. Hans is a writer and was a ships captain from Holland. Dedé is a farmer who has a lovely old tractor. He has always lived in the Moravn.