Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Here are the 2 skirts I made from corduroy trousers. The first one I  unpicked  so that the material lay flat. Then  I sewed  the seam flat on top of the other leg. I kept the waistband, zip the same. On the back I did the same as the front except no pleat. I cut the bottom off an old housecoat and it fitted inside the skirt for a lining. So I only lined up to where the pleat starts.

This one I wanted a more fitted skirt. The material was slightly stretchy. I cut  right up the legs this time and removed the  zip.   I cut out the shaping for the leg this time following the lines on the material.I pleated the excess material at the front and sewed it down flat. I then moved to the back taking away the leg shaping again but leaving enough hem. I sewed by hand not quite to the end leaving a small split. I moved the waistband button over a bit and tried to keep the skirt symmetrical so the pockets are even. I did the hem and plan to line the skirt when I find the right material. Ta Da.

Tuesday, 26 February 2013

Little antlers. 

My neighbour's farm. All 70 cows are in the sheds. 

 Above are some images of the day today, we have sunshine , very welcome indeed. The Hawfinches are getting a lot braver. We have at least 3 or maybe 4 visiting the bird table. We also have a flock of Siskins that are quite bright greens and yellows. I saw a family of Ragodins across the fields, there were at least 8. They ran when they spotted me with a camera. They are surprisingly quick over ground. The tracks in the snow are fox in a straight line and perhaps the Pole Cat is the other. Our fields are still covered in snow so the sheep are eating sheep granules.

I like this shed in the village, though upon closer inspection I spotted a window  in the back so I realise it was once 2 cottages and on the end a Grange. I like this green colour flaking off the corrugated door. The gutters and roof is good too.

Sunday, 24 February 2013

 So what's new in your part of the world. We have circles appearing on the lake.

 Someone is cutting bundles of sticks. They are neatly stacked and snow gathers.

I have been looking though a pile of cords in the charity shop. No one was buying them, I decided to turn them into skirts lined in housecoat material. They are incredibly comfortable, having been already worn in. Very warm and lovely shades of green.

Thursday, 21 February 2013

The snow capped bit is where we are, in the distance.

 My friend has fallen in love with a property so George and I went to have a look. It was good to get away from the farm. While only travelling a few miles we moved from winter into spring and then back to winter. We have both been slightly disturbed by the experience ever since. The farmhouse was indeed beautiful in the most glorious countryside with no neighbours. The trouble was the state of some of the surrounding buildings that come with an already large farmhouse. Our concerns were with the farmer and the hard hitting fact that many people who spend a life working are living in extreme poverty. He and his wife had nothing new in the house. I like old things but this wasn't a lifestyle choice. They were living in one room with their big dog and with only a very old television.  Our farmer explained that he moved to the farm 33 years ago and that his children, like most young people, to find work, had moved away. He had been working with his cattle while over the years watching the buildings around him slowly crumble. He is coming up to retirement now and looking to move away and buy a house in a small market town where he can walk to the chemist or any other shop he chooses to go to. It gave us plenty to consider. My friend is still, as far as I know trying to reach a decision.


Canal Nivernais.

Boulangerie A Vendre.

A Vendre.

Sunday, 17 February 2013

Yesterday I bought an old leather coat, 4 euros here from the charity shop. I cut it up through seams and  tried to go for large pieces. I then covered my newly made sketchbook. I am thinking to sew along strip to the cover for tying around the book rather than use a press stud. The book has 8 signatures each with 6 pieces of paper bent double. made of cartridge paper so it's quite thick. I saved some instructions from the internet and then adapted them to suit my needs. I didn't have any cheese cloth to bind the book so I used net curtains. I have been meaning to do this for ages. I am now looking at handmade paper, maybe using some recycled and something for watercolours. I have a bowl of paper I am tearing up to make some paper. I pick up paper from the supermarket, they have sheets between milk here that is recycled and speckled. The last photo is a little book made from old envelopes.