Monday, 6 June 2011

More painting and foxglove

Before and after today.

Lovely flowers 


  1. Lovely indeed... are they part of your meadow?

  2. I wish, we had to go shopping and along the road where some trees had been harvested flowers had erupted.I collected a couple of plants which I have planted and will try and collect some seed.

  3. Thanks for stopping by today, Jane! I have never been to Autun, there is always something else to do and work to be done before we can get too far afield. Did you end up buying some of these herbs? Aren't they great?

  4. Hi F.B

    I bought a lavender, because I have none in my garden here. I also bought a Horseradish. I was surprised to see it. It is what the English like to grate with cream to serve with beef,I am a vegetarian, I know in France!!!
    I will buy more herbs when I visit the market again, I noticed Absinthe so i am keen to buy one for my garden here. I think it's also known as wormwood. I love your blog, especially the food in Florence. The arctichoke dish with parmigiana was a bit too tasty looking. In Florence I went to Leonardo's a lot, a cafeteria near The Duomo. It is brilliant delicious and very cheap, lovely people.