Monday, 6 June 2011

Painting sketching

                                      Evolution of a new painting. The rough drafts.

I have been painting from one of the images I took on our outings to the brocantes. I take photographs from out of the car window while George drives. I take a lot of photographs and look out for interesting shapes in the landscape. I am drawn to the small farms and cottages to see how they sit. The palette is changing constantly and I am very much a colours person so I will take a lot of risks,and then at some point there is a a strange dynamic that I hit upon in which I become a bit obssessed. I have to stop myself overworking at the moment, and try and work in bursts rather than force myself to sit all day staring, I find I no longer see after 2 hours of working.
 Last week  3 sheep broke in to my atelier and knocked lots of things over. No real damage was done but I did have to clear up afterwards.Somehow they managed to knock over a stack of plates which lay across the floor without breaking any.They are looking for food. I store the sheepnuts in the atelier in winter so if the door isn't locked into their field they know they can get in by a bit of force. I like having them around, I think they are a lovely colour, a rich brown and they find me a curiosity as I do them. I was picking cherries last week in their field. I had 6 very inquisitive sheep following me very closely.  If any cherries fell they were quickly crunched up with their stones. My hand reared sheep, 'Piddles',  is totally unafraid of me and will happily eat my clothes and flip flops. She is always very keen on getting in the atelier and pushes her head through the door so I have to be quick and quite firm. Anybody else have these interesting challenges from sheep? 

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