Monday, 21 March 2011

Wandering about

The cottage here is where we have people to stay and where I shower from spring till autumn. The farm seemed overwhelming today loads to do The stone wall you can see here has taken a battering by the sheep who we sometimes put in this field when they are lambing. I have been clearing away brambles that were growing in front of the wall. I am thinking I may plough a strip in front of it so that I have more garden space. It's also the view we have from the verandah.
I was working in my vegetable patch today trying to work out where to plant things and dig up a few docks. I found quite a few potatoes that I missed in Autumn.I think ther must be loads of stray potatoes. They are fine after the cold. Then there has been general spring cleaning, and putting together a load for the tip. George spent hours on fencing so the naughty sheep can roam around the fields.

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  1. Hello - just to say thankyou so much for following my blog, I look forward to keeping you updated with all that goes on at my workshop. Your spot is beautiful! And you keep geese too!