Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Sheep and Garden

This is my sweet lamb from last year, I bottle fed her as her mother rejected her, headbutted her away aggressively.  She is very inquisitive, walks right up to me and tries to eat wellie buckles, buttons or anything she can nibble. She has beautiful eyelashes like a cameloid.

This is her mother, we don't shear our sheep as we are so high up they would freeze in the winter. In summer they keep cool by staying under the house in 'caves.' Last year she rejected her female lamb, this year she is a doting mother to her rather feisty son.

I tried garlic, last year. I know it went in too late but here we are this year with ahead start. I read garlic gets planted on the shortest day and harvested on the longest. Apparently it likes a frost to kick start. I get a big kick when I realise I have discovered something that works.

This is my veg patch, I have a third of an area that felt like an allotment. My  friend Clement had a garden
next to mine but sadly he died at 89. We really got on despite the language barrier. So whenever I was in the garden he would race down his steps and we would laugh and he would moan about moles, or taupes. I like them so a few humps doesn't bother me. By the way this garden is sooo productive. I use goose pooh and wood ash.

I really like Aquilegia, these I grew from seed last year and I'm happy they survived our cold winters.

We have a spring through the land and here is the King Cups. They are abundant here slowly colonising beautifully  along through our boggy area.

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