Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Retrieving Sheep

These are our naughty sheep, one white ewe and the others are black. George admitted that the last Ram he borrowed, to add a bit of new blood to the brew, had extra long legs. This particular genetic'advantage' has given us plenty of exercise in recent weeks. They go hurling themselves at fences with a desire to chase extra nutrients. Off they bound looking for such savouries as Ivy, I know poisonous I say but not to sheep apparently. So my first job this morning was where are the sheep I shall go and find them. We have to buy barbed wire tomorrow which is on offer to try and deter them. They have keen eye sight so can spot wire and it does seem to scare them. We have a new lamb who seems very fearless. He though small can really jump. I don't eat meat, George will but doesn't. His kids definitely do, at the moment they are just happy sheep.

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