Tuesday, 29 March 2011

We had lots of rain yesterday after a very dry spell.

Grape Hyacinth

Cowslips everywhere

Marsh Marigolds

We lost Meg the day I went to Dijon. She was the quietest goose we had, already Fred had fought off the Fox or Pine Martin. It's tough having animals around the farm. They become your friends and you become very tuned to them. We accepted 2 geese from a neighbour who had a tiny space so at least while Meg was here she had a lovely time foraging and using the pool to swim and bathe.


  1. The lintel above the blue/green door is a marvel! And what a beautiful lion head. Your valley looks very beautiful, so do your flowers. We need some fresh spring rain here. Why so many empty houses?

  2. Yes Lintel, that's the term, it's perfect isn't it.I seem to be noticing the glorious use of stone a lot more lately, maybe it's seeing your work, Jennifer. I love stone, ever since living in Herefordshire, in a tiny stone cottage with a stone hearth.
    There are a lot of empty houses in this part of France. Its very remote, I guess there is no work and the old smallholding life has gone for the time being. The area has steadily depopulated. It's very cold here in the winter so it's tough but then our summers are a lot better than English ones. Most of the people who buy the old houses are from the Netherlands. There are very few English people here. I rarely see English cars, maybe during summer we see a few in Autan. One day I'm sure you will have to be rich to live here. We have three houses. We are in National park too, the Morvan. You can't just build a house and no changing the appearance of buildings.

  3. Hi - thought I'd come over and see your blog. Beautiful pictures. Sorry to hear about Meg, your goose. It can be hard when you get attached to the animals. We got 4 rescue hens in the summer of 2009 and they'd all died before the end of last year (we still have two ducks - which are great fun). They all had such personalities that we really missed them when they'd gone.
    Guess I'd rather love them and lose them than be without them altogether.