Tuesday, 22 March 2011

Strawberries planted

Fred is looking a bit lost as both girls are sitting on eggs. They are very busy warming , and barely show their beaks. Goosey runs down to the pond, has a quick dip, then hurtles back.

Seen plenty of action, my neighbours wheelbarrow in it's home under the house.

Shutters closed, strange glaze in the low light.

Started a painting.

Rhubarb!Rhubarb! most colourful thing in the garden so far.

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  1. Any babies yet? I've a black bird sitting on eggs opposite my kitchen window, very exciting.
    Been laid up with flu... bed for 2 days a little better today but still feeling rough... can't really talk rather hard to breath and talk at mo will ring when I can. x
    24 March 2011 07:45