Tuesday, 29 March 2011

Wisteria in bud. This is a neighbours' 'maison secondaire'. I have grown Wisteria from seed, very easy, do have a go.

This is another empty house in the valley. I like the stone above the door. The house has a  lovely view of the lake .

I spotted this plant in the middle of a field among cowslips, so I don't know how it came to be there. Normally the Charolais are the only users of the field.

The village I live in. The area to the left where the trees grow is our bit. The lower part is marshy and is where we have a pond and the Marsh Marigolds.

More wild Cowslips.

Common Orchid pushing up through the leaf litter.


  1. Lovely peeling door jane, I have my folks here at mo hope to catch up very soon.

  2. The cowslips around you are so pretty. We too have some coming up in our garden in Boxmoor, Hertfordshire which I am really enjoying. I have just arrived home from a lovely walk through the Bluebell woods (you can see on the blog I have just started for my son who has moved to Canada). http://moorendcottage.blogspot.com/