Friday, 25 March 2011

Dijon Dining and Arnay le Duc

Wonderful cheese in the market at Dijon today.

Lunch at Le Kent. I love this place on the corner overlooking the market..Everyone chats across tables and after the market ends at 1.00 the vans come through quite precariously close to stall tables not yet packed away. Le Kent is a place liked by artists, writers, hippies, eccentrics allsorts.

A small backstreet bar with an ironing board table. 

Arnay le Duc, wonky church tower.

Renaissance addition to a Maison Bourgeoise.

I had a peek through, there is a garden the other side.

Entrance to the Arnay le Duc church, parts dating back to the C10th.

Graffiti on church porch wall

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