Wednesday, 30 March 2011

End of March, earlies.

I walk around the lake most days. Unfortunately I have a hip problem, so I am a bit limited as to how far I can go. Still, it's wonderful to get out and check out the progress of the plants.

Reflections, like inky spiders.

Solomon's Seal growing wild.

Beech hedge and bracken. I started to look at textures today while I was out. I love drawing, and wild free sketching- so I was quite excited by the way the 'weave' was developing here.
Toad-Flax is so sweet. It loves our stone walls. This bit is under one of the cottages. There is a flight of stone steps that leads to a 'cave' or kind of cellar where wine bottles, and all the jars of preserves were stored. I went down to the 'cave' today and collected a few jars. Gradually I am putting them in the dishwasher and reusing them.  

More Honeysuckle or Woodbine.As I child I lived next to a wonderful house that was called Woodbine. It was a tiny brick cottage with a couple who were my great freinds.They were quite elderly, and I was still at Primary school. They had a market garden, and sold cut flowers.

Cloud and showers

Wild Gooseberiies growing above a great stone.


  1. Just like my hedge! What preserve are you making?

  2. Well, to be honest, the jars get filled by anything, like buttons, seeds, cottons, I am a bit of magpie. The jars are something in themselves. Some are wonderful emerald green.

    I did make a quantity of marmalade recently as it's hard to come by in France. Its so easy and delicious, normally, I would never think to bother but I will keep trying out different variations of citrus marmalade.
    I made bean chutney as I grew lots last year too many to eat fresh. This year I want to look at storing a lot more though. I have 10 Blackcurrant bushes so jam is on the cards and Rhubarb here a delicacy so I'd like to make some rhubarb for later. I spotted a woman in the supermarket buying jars full of Rhubarb compote so I have been thinking about this ever since.
    What about you?