Saturday, 19 March 2011

Autun for seeds

This is a house that I pass a lot I imagine the steps serve two seperate houses. I'm  amazed by the huge granite blocks used for quite modest cottages. Then there seems to be another cottage to the left.  I'm sure the whole thing  is empty. 

I love this old tractor, it looks happy.
I have a lot of Charlotte seed potatoes from last year already chitting but I really wanted to try these ever since Alys Fowler reviewed them. Apparently they have slightly perfumed flowers, pretty and tasty spuds.

I have a lot of seeds already but a few were missing incluing a rather warty looking Pumpkin, that is a wonderful rich orangey red. I can join in with the neighbourhood tradition of displaying them on the wall too, if they grow. 

I just bought myself lots of planting to do. Shallots and onion sets. We have almost run out of onions so a few more this year. I picked a bag of each kind as I don't really know whats best.

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