Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Here are the 2 skirts I made from corduroy trousers. The first one I  unpicked  so that the material lay flat. Then  I sewed  the seam flat on top of the other leg. I kept the waistband, zip the same. On the back I did the same as the front except no pleat. I cut the bottom off an old housecoat and it fitted inside the skirt for a lining. So I only lined up to where the pleat starts.

This one I wanted a more fitted skirt. The material was slightly stretchy. I cut  right up the legs this time and removed the  zip.   I cut out the shaping for the leg this time following the lines on the material.I pleated the excess material at the front and sewed it down flat. I then moved to the back taking away the leg shaping again but leaving enough hem. I sewed by hand not quite to the end leaving a small split. I moved the waistband button over a bit and tried to keep the skirt symmetrical so the pockets are even. I did the hem and plan to line the skirt when I find the right material. Ta Da.


  1. Wonderful idea.
    This is when I so wish I could sew!

  2. I don't think you need much sewing ability. I did this in dodgy light by hand. The material is quite thick so I recommend a thimble to be able to get the needle through. I may have another go at some of the seams that are a bit rough. There are some very neat sewers on the blogsphere, I'm constantly amazed.