Monday, 4 March 2013

 Drawing outside as it reached 13°C here. I am using Chinese ink and a brush . This is the first day I have been able to get outside to sit and work. I also did a bit of bramble snipping and I have been hand sawing down some of the over hanging branches and over grown hedges. The snow is still quite thick in places.


  1. Love the drawings Jane, I must do some and you must do more!!! Don't believe you have snow still it has turned into Spring here and I think we have never worked in the garden so early in the year!!!

  2. Thanks Roger, I have meaning to buy ink for years. I used to buy Paul Wu in plastic bottles over 20 years ago. Now I am in France I am inspired again to find the time. It was so wonderful outside yesterday, today a bit dull. It does seem early to working in the garden. I look forwards to seeing your sketches too. I have to wear sunglasses here as it's a bit too bright.