Sunday, 17 February 2013

Yesterday I bought an old leather coat, 4 euros here from the charity shop. I cut it up through seams and  tried to go for large pieces. I then covered my newly made sketchbook. I am thinking to sew along strip to the cover for tying around the book rather than use a press stud. The book has 8 signatures each with 6 pieces of paper bent double. made of cartridge paper so it's quite thick. I saved some instructions from the internet and then adapted them to suit my needs. I didn't have any cheese cloth to bind the book so I used net curtains. I have been meaning to do this for ages. I am now looking at handmade paper, maybe using some recycled and something for watercolours. I have a bowl of paper I am tearing up to make some paper. I pick up paper from the supermarket, they have sheets between milk here that is recycled and speckled. The last photo is a little book made from old envelopes.

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