Saturday, 9 February 2013

I did try going out earlier. Unfortunately we decided the roads were not as clear as they should be.  Normally the big roads are clear enough. So with a sigh we headed back home. We only have a little silly car. It was snowing still and the journey to Autun, the big nearby town was really not so necessary. We have plenty of food so we shall venture out again later in the week. We are running short of sheep food. Hopefully we shall be o k to fetch food Monday. My sheep that got bitten by hunting dogs still has trouble on her legs. She is unsteady in the snow so I had to move her to a little stall of her own. Otherwise she falls in the slippery snow and can't get back up. 


  1. Your post the other day was Spring shoots coming out I'm sure you and the sheep will be Sun bathing again soon!! There's a series on tv of French gardens, yesterday was le Potager, Mony Don going all over France looking at every kind from grand formal to humble allotment, stupid we bought this fancy dvd recorder thing and have no idea how to use it or record anything.... I am going to make a special effort to get it going and record the program onto a dvd so I can send it 'a vous'

  2. It really is a month of contrasts so far. Rain is predicted and a bit more sun next week. Otherwise the temperatures dropped last night and well it's not quite as dull today. There is a push to market the Haut Folin, just above here, as a ski place.
    How do you know I am a big fan of Monty Don? So sweet of you to think of Moi! You made my day!
    I follow the blog of Bertie of What Ho Kew! You might find it fun too.

  3. Lovely pics. We had snow yesterday but they are predicting temps of up to 10 degrees tomorrow!

    1. Thanks Jane, it's still a bit cold here; The snow is lingering and it's frozen crunchy stuff. I read your blog today with links to Gretal's blog, Middle of Nowhere and links to the appeal for help.It's wonderful that this little or not so little community of bloggers is rallying around. I was wondering myself how I could help. A post like yours seems just right to me. I was deeply upset for Gretal and if anyone is reading this do go and see if you can help in anyway.