Wednesday, 13 February 2013

We are quite cut off here from many things but the internet allows me now to be in such a remote place and still I am able to work on my projects with very little distractions. I am blighted by distractions, or should it be attractions. I remember being the kind of art student that liked walking about chatting to everyone else. Happy to be enjoying joking around. I was also strangely serious in my pursuits though so soon developed a knack of working with little sketchbooks and scribbling even in the college bars or going to one of the many concerts or performances of the other students at Dartington.  I really loved taking photographs too so still have lots of black and white contact strips, negatives and the odd photograph even.
In the UK I had a string of part time work of many kinds. I became very resourceful and worked in gardens, cleaning, shop work, youth work, bar work, teaching crafts including mosaics and I worked on building projects including slating a roof in Wales. I did an Arts Trails from my sister's house in Bristol in a place called Southville.
My painting has only really developed more recently. This being largely due to not being in a financially viable position before. I have a partner these days. He bought houses here in The Morvan 20 years ago when he couldn't bare being in London any longer. When he arrived people were horrified as most people were moving away then. It's a lot easier these days to be here. We feel relatively well connected. It improves too.
I am in the process of ordering a few things from Jackson's they do discounted art supplies and if you spend £100 they do free shipping or if you live in the UK you don't need to spend as much for it to be free. (£39ish) They are also doing pastels for a £1 box. Great if you are doing workshops with kids.12 Half Stick Jacksons Square Soft Pastels
I use Jackson's for buying larger amounts of oil paint that works out cheaper. I also buy big rolls of canvas from them too. So if you wondered why I have a button for them on my blog it's just I think they are quite good to know about. If you have experience of good suppliers do share! I can't find eyes for hanging my paintings in France.  I have tried a couple of DIY shops so far but need to look further a field or learn to make some.

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  1. Jackson's is a handy link, not heard of them before, I will look up wholesale picture framing there is a place I found for really obsure and old fashioned ironmongery.