Sunday, 3 February 2013

I feel like the Spring might not be too far away now. I can't wait to be outside again working in the garden and going for walks. We have an owl in the garden. I put my outdoor light on and saw it in the trees last night. I think it must be a Tawny. There is a pair of Haw finches visiting the bird table along with a Merlin. I feel a bit  defeated by winter now. It is hard up here away from the daily business of life. It's so cold sometimes I can barely move away from the stove. Still with fewer distractions I am forced to work on my painting. How is life for you are you happy to be noticing the gradual lengthening of daylight? I am making a sketchbook and because I am coming to the end of some of my paints I have been looking at ordering new supplies. I am actually wondering whether or not to buy some dry pigments to mix my own. Has anyone tried this? I have only ever used dry pigments to paint on walls mixed in with white emulsion.

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  1. We woke up to a winter wonderland today plus fog...not so nice. Luckily I am busy with office work so I don't mind being "trapped" indoors. And...I have been a bit creative and made some bunting with some odd scraps of fabric. You are right, we need to keep busy and look forward to the spring. Hopefully it's just round the corner.