Thursday, 21 February 2013

The snow capped bit is where we are, in the distance.

 My friend has fallen in love with a property so George and I went to have a look. It was good to get away from the farm. While only travelling a few miles we moved from winter into spring and then back to winter. We have both been slightly disturbed by the experience ever since. The farmhouse was indeed beautiful in the most glorious countryside with no neighbours. The trouble was the state of some of the surrounding buildings that come with an already large farmhouse. Our concerns were with the farmer and the hard hitting fact that many people who spend a life working are living in extreme poverty. He and his wife had nothing new in the house. I like old things but this wasn't a lifestyle choice. They were living in one room with their big dog and with only a very old television.  Our farmer explained that he moved to the farm 33 years ago and that his children, like most young people, to find work, had moved away. He had been working with his cattle while over the years watching the buildings around him slowly crumble. He is coming up to retirement now and looking to move away and buy a house in a small market town where he can walk to the chemist or any other shop he chooses to go to. It gave us plenty to consider. My friend is still, as far as I know trying to reach a decision.


Canal Nivernais.

Boulangerie A Vendre.

A Vendre.


  1. You live in such a different world. When I look at your photos I am transported.

  2. Hi Lois, I just had a look at your pictures. I thought it was cold here but Ontario looks bitterly cold. We have it chilly here -7°C, but soon it will get quite warm so it's bearable.

  3. "I like old things but this wasn't a lifestyle choice."
    Poignant words. I hope the farmer and his wife find a place in town that suits them. It is a charming property - I love the photo of the peach-apricot coloured wall in the sun - but what a lot of work. Hope it works out for all parties.

    1. I hope both parties find a way through too. My friend tells me there may even be a straight swap. Until she makes up the difficult decision I can't say too much. I know we shall visit the couple again. The farmer asked to see George again. We will ave a little celebration for his 'Retrait'.