Sunday, 4 August 2013

View from today. The Fete Myrtille or Wild Blueberries with some vintage steam engines. 

My garden

More from Glux

The tables green and turquoise are now mine. The guy selling was on holiday from Alsace. I bought the first table Saturday and then thought I'd have another look on Sunday and I thought I'd buy another one.

Sweet place I spotted. I was interested to see you could look straight through below is a lovely valley to gaze over and Glux en Glenne is very cute anyway full of charm.

Everything 1 Euro.

The Saturday table, gilt mirror requiring a little restoration. I bought a Gibier too. A bag to stash the things you catch hunting. I will take a better image. It is canvas and with leather straps.


An old hotel near here. 

Luzy where I sometimes do a weekly shop. There is an arts market here throughout the summer. Why I didn't photograph the market is a mystery. Still it was right beside here.

My goosey lost her partner this week. She likes to be around me now and is especially on the prowl by end left over cat food.

Leek flower heads a haven for insects.

Another cat has arrived from who knows where. Looking very thin.

A filled basin. Did you watch Gardener's World this week he filled his, Monty Don with lettuce seed. 

Wonderful weather here, dappled golden light. I'm reading.
How is life with you?


  1. Love the little red Dauphine and your new photos!! We have had a lot of rain but some very hot days too, France does look lovely and we are a step nearer getting over there or somewhere further south, got insurance on the motorhome today.

    1. Hi Roger that's great news about the motorhome. I wondered if you had left for an adventure in it. You must put lots of photos up somewhere. We just had a thunder storm pass over, yesterday was very warm. Our VW has had to go to Nevers for treatment as the local garage gave up!! Really hope to be able to go somewhere soon. We might head to Florence again.