Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Our poster. For a local exhibition. The painting on the poster is by Claude André Laffaye.

Peter Meyers work is also dotted about the town in front of the Mairie here and in the grounds of the castle in Moulin Engilbert

I am exhibiting in a local town hall this week until the 20th August as a guest of a local painter Claude André Laffaye. 

Peter Meyers at Moulin Engilbert I think the title of this one was Meditations or along those lines.

Peter Meyer's sculpture in the grounds of the old castle in Moulin again.

Moulin Engilbert is covered in flowers.

2 of my paintings Petition below and view near Semelay above.

Chatillon en Bazois by Claude André Laffaye

Claude André Laffaye

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  1. Hope you sell some!! The rusty iron is fun, looks good against the old stone, you should take some photos of his studio!!