Tuesday, 20 August 2013

These are from earlier todays foraging in the garden.I don't think I had any success with these Sunburst squashes last year. But this year I have a lot and they have only just started. I think I will try and bake them in the sun a bit so I can store them over winter.
Happy geese

We have lots of these this year. Libelulle.

I have a green frog living in my water reserve

These flowers seeds were kindly given me by my friend. 

I managed to spill an unopened tin of paint on these Camper's. I did find them for only 2 euros in the junk shop here but even so. I have just about managed to scrape the paint off using a very sharp knife. I scraped the paint well shaved it off really.They are looking all fine again now. Not so much the yellow cardigan and my bed clothes including an antique linen sheet. Somehow there was a pot of paint just seeping paint out in by bed. It is a big bed still it is a bit mysterious how I managed to get paint everywhere.

Trois Pates he has picked up an allergy to something. He has bumps appearing under his chin and little bumpy scabs on his back. I know it's more serious with him having cat aids so I am worried a bit. Especially since I just looked up cat  Plus scabs on the internet. Horrible. He needs antibiotics I'm sure before it gets horrible.

An old chip pan basket coming in handy.

My big chestnut pot hanging off the guttering. I bumped my head on it recently; Not recommended. I was weeding beneath it.

I went to Vielles Fete. Vielles is I think french for Hurdy Gurdy. I wasn't sure what I was going to really. The fete was just for Vielles. There were concerts, a parade, I missed the parade. I quite like the old folksy music they are involved in but just the instrument alone is an acquired taste. Above is another sculpture by Peter Meyers of hurdy gurdy players in Anost. George with his fine sensitivities was particularly bemused by the event I dragged him along without really explaining across the mountain road. He did sort of appreciate it as an adventure and I bought him a little Barquet of chips with mustard and tomato sauce to help his appreciation go a little further. He said any other musical instrument might have been splendid. Still, Anost is very wonderful the village where the fete was held. It has a big campsite a few restaurants a lovely old Tabac and the setting is to die for in the middle of the forest. Great if you want to go trekking and hardly a soul about if you leave the campsite. Have a little listen Here

George said these instruments, being hand crafted, were about 2000 euros each.

Lovely vintage car


Handmade hurdy gurdy key rings

A lovely dart shaped moth with red underwings.

My friend has the same taste as I do.

Here she is herding peacocks and their young

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