Tuesday, 30 July 2013

I love these Asters. Very popular around here. Along the roads under place signs. Decorating the traffic islands. They are quite short just up to my knee. Look like small sunflowers.


One end of a large caterpillar I'm trying to work out what kind. It is about 10 cms long.

Glasses bought at the brocantes. Very plain but with a ring.

One of the many clematis I bought this year, slowly growing up the wall.

Sunburst squash. Finally last year I missed out on squashes, pumpkins and courgettes.

A few bits and bobs from the garden. There have been some dying back of some of the early summer flowers like the poppies and Aquilegia and these are replaced now by a variety of bright yellow squash flowers and daisy shaped flowers in rusts and yellows. Above are some seedlings given me by my friend getting along nicely although they don't like too much watering I notice. here. They were from Sarah Raven and came in a little test tube. Tiny wee seeds. Primula auricula The terracotta planters came from Gilou. They just about sit on the window ledges and some of my cuttings snapped from various geraniums have landed in them. The frilly variegated geranium came from my friends' in Malvern, UK. It's has an incredible scent.

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