Tuesday, 13 August 2013

A view of the garden this week. Some of the Holly Hocks are beginning to establish. I collect seeds from my travels and scatter them where I think they stand a chance. Other gardens around here seem to have a lot more success than I do with their Holly hocks. I saw them everywhere in the South growing wild so I'm not sure why I don't seem to have more.

I have plants hanging from the guttering in an old chestnut roaster and some hanging baskets I bought ironically. I am beginning to like them. This side of the house is quite sunny and it's hard to get anything to grow well. The soil needs improving and a lot of work. Somebody in the past dumped lots of building materials along and even digging a place can mean having to dig up lots of rocks.

I bought another goose for Goosey. A male young adult. He's 2. I bought him off a man in Sémelay. He sells all manner of interesting creatures. You can find him Here I have wanted chickens for years. Mostly it is difficult to find someone to put them in at night when you go away. Anybody willing to come and do this?

The goose guy. He is Russian living here 20 years!

The courgettes are arriving.

Yesterday I cleared all around the pond. The fox or badger has been squeezing under the fence so to get near I began cuttiing back brambles and it just went on and on until now I get all round the fences. 

Finally I planted up this big basin. I just bought it for 12 euros. They are all over the flea markets I go to. I didn't really consider them before. I only used to buy small things.  Very happy with this. It's got tomatoes and basil in. This morning the lorry arrived with half of our winter wood. It's a bit chilly too. I am feeling a bit contemplative I know I will have to withdraw inside and begin a new series of paintings.

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