Friday, 5 July 2013

Little bird

I found a bird this morning beneath a big Christmas tree in the garden. I did wait for ages to find out if the parents were around. Unfortunately the sheep were in the vicinity. Then the cats seemed to want to be around too. I know the outcomes aren't too good but I have been swatting flies today and the little thing has developed a squeak. I put it in a little nest I had in a flower pot. It's having a little nap now.

One of my newest, to me Arrosoires. My snapped by the wind Delphiniums are in it for now.

For the cottage I found 2 of these buy one get one free at my local Brocante shop. Gilot a friend in  Moulin Engilbert.  One of these planters had a big crack in it but it was quite sturdy still.
He is having an open doors weekend this weekend and an Aperitif for customers. There was a lovely 2cv parked there Wednesday. I also got an old parcel shelf with some hooks and with this Gilot gave me a plate I found and an oval enamelled dish.

My potatoes, they went in quite late Amandine was all I could find .

The Snapdragons have strange stripes.

My car; I drove it here to France and the brakes need fixing. I am hoping to get this done this month.  

Puds lying in his favourite outside bed.

Boo boo in her bigness. She is still stealing food out of her biscuit bags. She's like a horse with a nose bag. I am pushing her outside so she walks a bit and restricting her otherwise. Looks like her Regime is still needing a relook.

I have been trying to find a stove for ages. This one is Art Noveau. It was  designed originally for busy Parisiens coming home from work. Supposedly this models heats up a small space quickly. The box inside needs replacing. It's just steel and the outer panels come off so it shouldn't be impossible to fix.

This is how Titun sleeps.

I'm using Red Wine vinegar to see if I can use it as a dye.

Here was some of the other things the guy I bought my stove from had.He has a shop in Nevers. I was having a good look while George  went and got the car. I bought some wonderful hand printed wallpaper that I blogged about from the same person and my paintbox where I keep my paints. It's not the one I blogged about there. My paintbox was 6 euros.

These are a bit good too. While I photographed a man bought a long rifle ; It looked very old and unfireable.

I spotted these while at the flea. Nice aren't they? 

On the way home I visited some friends who have a Gite nearby. It was incredible viewing. The house is full of an interesting collection of objects bought in French flea markets and the gardens were also beautiful with doves, peacocks and donkeys in a nearby field. I am going again  soon to try and get better photos.

After a night of rain everything drenched and big slugs come and try and steal all my things.

The stove from the end, the chrome door is a bit rusty.


  1. Oh how sweet! I hope your little bird will survive.

  2. Look at your Morris Minor!!! Our first ever was a Minor 6cwt van I got in 1970 just before I passed my test, then after several bigger vans we had two Morris Travellers, the brocantes look magic, they have just cancelled all the car boot sales on our playing fields which is a disaster.

  3. My Morris is a Traveller. It was really rotten but I was able to get a lot of the bottom replaced. It has brakes but it sort of pulls to the side and someone put Italian brake cylinders at the front. It's gone on bit. Everyone waves a lot when they see it around here. I've had 3 travellers. I had an A55 pick up, you'd have liked that. I am over to the UK in Sept. I usually come back with stuff from charity shops and mowers because they don't have them here 2nd hand that work!!