Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My cat beats me and likes to fight all the time.

My flowers Larkspurs and poppies

I cleared a patch here of old raspberries. 

Village fireworks.

The raspberries cleared I now have a bit of space to put something like lavender
or at the moment more courgette plants.

 Photographs of a garden just below here. It's so beautiful. Marion and Frederick have lived here for 15 years. In this time they have created a magical home. A home brimming with things found here over many years of brocanting. Lots of copper pots and pans lovely fireplace furniture with any kind   of quirkiness you could imagine. Frederick is a retired Architect. The renovations they have done  enhance the original buildings tastefully. They have a Gite I had a viewing of too. For those of you who are unfamiliar with a gite it's a holiday home you can rent. It surpasses all your expectations of what that might be   They have kept the original furniture including Grandfather clock, sleigh beds, armoires and buffets a large side board. All the pieces of furniture were special much more decorative and ancient than I have come across here. I was impressed to see items she found had been framed, an old sampler and the original inhabitants photographs greet you as you enter. I had a lovely glass of chilled Rosé and heard how Marion has made France her home never returning to The Netherlands. She has a lot of animals including donkeys, doves, peacocks and geese. There are 2 dogs that seemed to be lying low as I didn't see them this time and a cat. She as made lots of places to sit and enjoy the garden. The planting is relaxed with plants you would normally struggle to find here including a Bergamot I want to see if I can propagate somehow.
The gite is to the right where the roof changes to the last door. Frederick has his atelier in the little room on the end. I realise I want to photo inside now as it is just so wonderful. 

There is a large pond filled with lilies and croaking bright green frogs.

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  1. Such beautiful photos, Jane!
    Your cat is a hoot.