Wednesday, 24 July 2013

I headed out alone this week to the brocantes. Not too far but boy was it swelteringly hot.
Here, above black 2cv, is the car I spotted at Gilots in Moulin Engilbert. The owner had a stall selling old LPs. Gilot's where I spotted the car has a big shop on the road and the place is stacked high full of things. I passed by earlier and bought clay planters for my windows and a wonderful Marron roaster. We are surrounded by Sweet Chestnuts trees all along the roadsides. They are in flower just now. The iron roaster is very old looking very heavy iron. I shall photograph it tomorrow. It's to use as some sort of hanging planter.

Ricard jugs. I found one great stall. I bought crystal glasses plain with a ring a ting. A couple of old tins and a wonderful wool rug rusty and mint green. Also bought a whizzer to whizz up parsley, onions and the odd nut. Only euros were spent 1 or 2 here and there. I bought lots of bright balls of wool and a passe vite. A passe vite is like a sieve but with a hand whizzer to pass fruit through. They are the sort of thing everyone seems to have and use here.

My garden this week.

Raspberries ready.

Evening Primrose.