Tuesday, 19 March 2013

Eventually after many false starts I have learnt how to do a basic granny square. It rained all day Saturday and the electric also went off. I remembered how to begin so I got really good at that. But once the instructors got beyond the easy bits I couldn't keep up. There were hooks and wool and chains but I couldn't get everything to look like anything. All the instructors seem to go too quickly on the most complicated bits. The easy bits were too long. Anyway I understand why I never learnt to crochet till now.
The lower image is of a dish I bought and I am hoping to sell. The plan is to try Etsy. I am addicted to buying brocante here in France. You can't really tell what objects you will sustain for longer periods. I like this dish for it's decorative qualities but after living with it for a while I know it's not something that really connects with my life. With me objects are a bit like flotsam and jetsam.  They come and go. I love the idea of letting go of some things to allow me the luxury of finding some more things. Anyways I love ploughing through the internet to see what people are selling and buying. The only thing that has slowed me down has been the complicated postal rates.  I don't know if you have any experience of buying or selling via the internet. I realise it's not so simple as it may appear. This bowl for example I imagine might be 1950's. But I can't find out exactly what age it is or indeed much about it at all.  It might look easy describing an object but it's actually quite difficult. Then there is also the problem of describing wear and tear. Slight variations chips, etc. I hate the idea of disappointing people. Will I ever get around to selling anything?

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