Saturday, 23 March 2013

I have had a great weekend so far. I am now expected to exhibit in the local Expo. I met a woman who is a sculptor, formerly in bronze and she paints. She seems quite eccentric so after managing to glean her number I shall pay her a visit and let you know how it goes! Also bought some great books at a sale. Yesterday wasn't quite up to the promise of blue skies and heat. I did have a dig in the garden. I created a new garden last year mostly of the kind of flowers you grow from seed each year.
Annuals  I'm not sure what to expect this year but I spy foxgloves and wild Daffodils so far and some Lupins and a thing I can't quite identify  There are still lots of bracken roots that I am trying to lose. If I can. Here it's so cold in winter I really get quite stiff after heavy exercise in Spring. My hips after years of gardening are quite useless. I'm not yet 50!

So this made me smile it's typical of the French not to bother about clearing away the Christmas Decorations. This is the butchers window.

Very envious of this planter. Cauldrons are everywhere still here.

I met up with my friend for a sale, I thought a Vide Greniers but it was actually a clothes sale in a hall. It was actually really good. I now have some really quite tidy clothes.

My friends boy saw this post box and said I must take a photo. The bird table too, just visible matched the house.


New laces.


Next doors cat Bourbas, named after a village.

A survivalist Lupin
It's been a week dominated by a growing menagerie of cats. You have to be cruel in France not to invite a cat or two into your home. My French vocabulary for taking a cat to the vets is rather good these days. Bank account poorer. 

In French Pansy is Pensé or 'Thinkers. My husband, a Magdalene College, Oxford educated  English graduate says it's probably a corruption from Celt!!

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  1. Lovely photos! I especially like the first one. I knew the French name for pansy but never thought about it (pansé) meaning thinker until now. Thanks..... I love pansies/pansé of my favorite flowers!