Saturday, 9 March 2013

Cladonia Pyxidata

I have been working in the garden today. I was excited to find these wonderful Lichens growing on an old rotten door. I am reading that it likes to grow on moss and is a combination of algae and fungus. Otherwise known as Pixie Cup. More InfoWe have 13°C again so it's quite warm. There is still a pile of snow crystals and we had a little bit of hail and there was a bit of thunder. My new bow saw is coming in very handy. I have been sawing hazel to make a manageable hedge and give the Lilac some space. I planted a small Stellata Magnolia, some snowdrops and put in some Roses, 5. I bought Tea Roses, ramblers and climbers in mauves and white. They were less than 2 euros each from Lidls. Otherwise plants are quite hard to find in this area. Any way it's so lovely I'm going back out. The sheep are happy, not bleating for nuts. No lambs yet. The birds are very excited. Nut hatches are very noisy. Then the frogs are really busy too, quite a lot of noise coming from them.  

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  1. Aren't they fab!!
    I found frog spawn yesterday too... new life!! Cx