Saturday, 30 March 2013

New painting, still working on it. It is a scene I am reworking from a day  a couple of weeks back. The view towards a cottage I know from the road.

It has been raining this afternoon. The garden is coming along very slowly. I have been out digging a bit in the flower beds,  started last year. We have a bit of bracken in the garden so I have to keep on top of it. I also have to manage the brambles that will otherwise take over areas. Gradually I am digging out the roots. It is resilient. The nobly woody roots I dug out last year and left on the surface have produced small buds.
 I have a new project. Moving into one of the cottages here that has been empty for a while. We did think to try and sell it, but actually it's nicer than our present one. The other issue is nothing is selling unless you are willing to give away your property. Even the estate agents have gone bust here. We noticed  It will be easy to make habitable. The roof was re slated in the 60's. There is a tiled floor in the kitchen that was also replaced. This too in the 60's. It's traditional still but a bit too smooth. Thankfully some of the other floors are the original cracked clay ones. I will take some pictures as soon as there is some sun. The electrics are a bit dodgy. The cotton covered cables are all beginning to disintegrate so they will need replacing first. Otherwise there are beams and shuttered windows and land adjoining.
I hope Easter for you is pleasant, relaxing pleasurable. My sister is camping in Cornwall. She does have a van, her friends a tent!! I remember years gone by either heading into Wales near Llanthony Priory and Hay On Wye. It's really rather busy though on the roads. Best stay closer to home and potter. 


  1. Goodness I don't fancy being in a tent! It's been cosy here, heating on with my parents here. They have just left so have turned heating down again but my poor boy couldn't cope with a tent!
    Talk soon. Dx

  2. Beautiful start to your painting...I love the colors.

    Your cottage sounds wonderful. I will look forward to hearing more about the work you do on it & seeing photos.

    Have a happy quite & simple Easter, the best kind!