Monday, 1 April 2013

Our long term plan, at the moment is to move into this cottage. We already own it as part of  our plot . This weekend I have been looking into what I can do for this to happen. There is no insulation so I think we shall begin by putting this up in the rafters. Under the roof there is a gap so somehow we need to address this and then some way of introducing natural light by putting in Velux windows. Otherwise as is the tradition a porch would help keep the house a bit warmer and mean we can keep the original door.Upstairs it is tiled as is the tradition. Formerly it would have been called a Grange for storage. It is dated 1820 above the lower door. This lower door leads into what we call a Cave. It's a cellar with a low vaulted ceiling. There are wine racks and jam shelves in there.

I have never seen this before. The window frame placed on the lovely  fossil  filled Limestone . Then some one has made a window sill out of old tiles. The narrow strip is funny. Lots of bits bodged together in a most delightful way.

Bedroom window. The window is in the room through the door below.

Kitchen through to study/bedroom and stairs.
You can see the height of the sink. Quite low.The French Morvandiau were quite short. They still are. Beds are short tables are low. Its fascinating. The Morvan inhabitants were Celts, so they are genetically like the Welsh. My Dutch friends can not buy a bed in France, unless a trip to Dijon to Ikea. Or they have to bring them from The Netherlands. The stairs lead into what could be upstairs bedrooms. The floor upstairs is also tiled. Also visible is a Maie, it's like a chest where bread was kneaded and left to rise.
Traditional style fireplace. The stone has been white washed, might have to take it back to stone. There was a bakers oven  through the little iron door. It's now a shower room and loo. I will look to installing a nicer
 stove. The clock on the wall belonged to the previous owner. 

I'm not sure what's going on.

So we have an Armoire or French wardrobe just visible. We have older ones . Often they were built  In  Situ. They are quite heavy will squash a 2cv. 

 modern tiles.


  1. Oh, I love this cottage! It's just lovely!! So perfectly French.... & old fashion country. Congratulations & best of luck with your move.

    1. Thanks Sally, it sounds a bit flush but my husband bought this cottage many years ago for the surrounding land. He bought it when everyone was leaving for the cities. It is very sweet and not too big so we plan to move in, it's next door. We need to do the work ourselves. I hope not to change anything dramatically. Not that we could if we wanted we live in a protected valley. National Park.

  2. That is an amazing building. Living in Canada, which is so new, it is a feast for my eyes and imagination to wonder about living in such an eccentric and rustic dwelling. Just lovely, thank you for the tour...

    1. That's very sweet of you. It's going to be a challenge, adventure.