Monday, 25 November 2013

Looking a bit messy. It's strangely addictive
 scraping off the layers. I'm hoping it'll be worth the effort but I'm not sure at this stage. It feels a bit like I'm de-constructing a house. But for me I love to see what's underneath and to reveal the parts of the buildings that seem to me to be the most precious. It still feels that I'm treading a fine line between mess and beauty.


The original sink in the background was at some point painted in red gloss paint.I have been trying to remove the paint but it's strangely pretty.   Under low light it's more attractive almost churchy 
Imagine doing all your washing up here.


  1. What a beautiful old sink. All your hard work will be worth it ...

  2. Thanks Jane, the sink is really lovely, I agree. They are in all the houses here. I have to photograph the little stone spout that pokes straight through the wall outside. This one will just have to be a little shelf as it's only knee high. Hope you are doing well this Christmas. I think I should be doing a vintage sale somewhere really.