Wednesday, 20 November 2013

We have had our first proper snow. The trees haven't yet shed their leaves or apples. So some trees are quite heavily weighed down. It's not cold and as we had a little sun I was delighted to take a few images and dodge the snow falling from the trees.


  1. Hello Jane,
    can´t believe its that time of the year already!
    Great images *
    Only the other day the geese flew over in a noisy line, and I thought of you....
    Greetings from Frankfurt

    1. Hi Lizzie
      honk honk. Must be some artwork in geese or migratory birds for your poste restante. Must have a think.
      I only nearly got the lawn mower out a couple of days ago, seems a bit irrelevant now.
      Greetings to you.

  2. Hello Jane, Thank you for your comments on my blog always nice to hear from other artists doing it out there…Open Studio was really good with lots of visitors and a good amount of sales. Lovely snowy pictures xxx